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Do you have a boat you are looking to sell? Whether it’s a trailer boat, large power boat or a yacht, Southern Cross Marine Australia can assist and ensure it’s a smooth sales process.

When it comes to selling your pride and joy you want to have the confidence that you are using an honest and experienced company that will help you from start to finish. We are experts and experienced boaters that aim for you to achieve the highest dollar possible for your vessel. Our clients are what is most important to us which is why we will listen to you throughout the whole process. We will work with you and provide honest advice for the appraisal of your boat in the current market. We have the most extensive marketing in the industry today by investing a significant amount of time with photography, video footage, walkthroughs and drone footage to ensure your boat stands out compared to competitive listings.  Southern Cross Marine Australia market your boat with as much visibility as possible allowing us find willing and qualified buyers from several sources including multiple online listings (, YachtHub etc.), social media accounts, the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, email campaigns and the window at our waterfront office to name a few.

Our brokers will handle the entire process of selling your vessel and will keep in contact with you throughout. Simply fill in the form below and one of our friendly brokers will get back to you or contact our team on (08) 8449 7777 for more information on how Southern Cross Marine Australia can help to achieve the goal of selling your boat.


Largs North SA 

(08) 8449 7777
Largs North
Head Office: 446-448 South Road, Marleston SA 5033 (Appointment only)
The sales office & showroom complex and head office are both operating strictly by appointment only.

Please contact us on (08) 8449 7777 to make an appointment.
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